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SOULWORK™ the podcast with adi shakti

Free sexy, Raw, Real + Online Discourses with Alternative Spiritual Teachers + Experts on how to bring more depth and awakening to your life.

Find a SoulWork™ Leader


+ Arizona

  • Flagstaff Danielle Austin, https://www.danielleaustinyoga.com, danielleminna@gmail.com. Danielle facilitates healing spaces focused on environmental/social justice, embodiment, and healing.

    "Learning from the incredible folks at Passion Yoga helped ground my understandings and practices of yoga in deep, deep, Divine feminine and collective wisdom."

+ California

  • Chino Grace Gonzales, grace@grace-pace.com. Grace focuses on discovering and developing a health and wellness lifestyle that positively serves the self and community for stronger connections.

    "Passion/SoulWork reignites the fire to dismantle the various chains of today's world and truly practice what it means to live an authentic journey of being free."

  • Los Angeles Courtney Crossfield, Yoga Teacher + Soul Worker + Wilderness Therapy Guide, @courtney.crossfield. As someone who has found healing in both yoga and nature, Courtney feels her purpose is to facilitate transformational experiences in the outdoors, connecting people to their inner being, their outer community, and the magical world around them.

    "I think the greatest lesson experience that Passion/Soulwork has taught me is that I am the one making the changes and shifts within myself, no one or thing outside of me can; I have the power to slowly move out of my samskaras, I can connect deep within myself to my heart and use my voice because I choose to."

  • Nevada City Brittney Bliss, Sacred Sexual Wellness Coach, https://www.brittneybliss.com/, IG @SexWithBliss, sexwithbliss@brittneybliss.com. Brittney helps beings reconnect with their True self through out-of-this-world-pleasure and epic self-love.

    "Passion was the spark that changed my life in the most magical ways, I'll forever be grateful."

  • Placerville Sierra Nevada Hauser, https://www.facebook.com/VibrancyRising/, sierrahauser@rocketmail.com. Sierra focuses on mental health, reiki and yoga.

    "Awakening, enlivening, activating, empowering, and so so centering."

  • Rough And Ready Sequoyah Fox, Integrative Health Practitioner, sequoyahrainfox@gmail.com. Sequoyah's work is centered around connecting individuals with their own innate knowing and healing.

    "Passion Yoga school provided me the opportunity to delve deeper into my own personal healing, transformation, and strengthening the connection with the divine feminine energy, which we all have."

  • San Francisco Courteney Kay, Founder Courteney Connections, Courteney.Kay.26@gmail.com. Matchmaking, dating and relationship coaching for wonderful souls.

+ Colorado

  • Steamboat Springs Sarah Albert, Sal + Breathwork, Yoga and Crystal Healing, https://www.improbablereality.org/,sal@improbablereality.org. Sal is a Yogini who lives out of her van to share Breathwork Meditation and custom crystal Malas across the US.

    "After graduating from Passion Yoga School, I had the tools to completely change my life path, and I am eternally grateful for the guidance I received during my YTT in Costa Rica."

+ District of Columbia

  • Washington Katie Tovar, SoulWorker, Mindset Mentor, and Spiritual Guide, https://www.lokahmotive.com/, info@lokahmotive.com. Katie coaches young women motivated to transform their lives, physically, mentally, and spiritually.

    "Passion Yoga School is where I found the sisterhood I was seeking, and propelled me to bring it into the world."

+ Florida

  • Bradenton Crystal Scherer, RYT 200, http://thehighvibestudio.com/, Crystal@HighVibeWarrior.net. Owner, yoga teacher and fitness instructor at High Vibe Studio & Trading Co.

    "This training program allowed me to step into my power and gain a sisterhood."

  • Jacksonville Ryann Tillman, Yoga Teacher & Fascial Stretch Therapist, https://www.sattvayogabyryann.com/, yogabyryann@gmail.com. Ryann's passion is to bring awareness/deepen the mind, body, breath connection that is bringing us to a closer state of unity and understanding.

    "Passion yoga taught me the amazing power of the yogic practices to guide us through transformational healing."

+ Georgia

  • Atlanta Amber Marie Pierce, 200 Hour RYT, Owner of Star Stuff Yoga & More, http://www.starstuffyogaandmore.com/, ambersvineyard@gmail.com. Amber brings the yoga retreat to your home, business, or local park as well as hosts retreats in southern Spain!

    "If you want to completely change your life in incredible ways that you never even thought possible, attend a program at Passion Yoga School and let the transformation begin!"

+ Hawaii

  • Hawi Brenna Sharp, Photographer, https://www.brennasharp.com/, Bsharp.images@gmail.com. Brenna is a traveling lifestyle photographer focusing on capturing adventurous elopements + couples in nature; as well as transformational events + retreats.

    "Passion Yoga School has transformed my life and my community."

+ Idaho

  • Boise Courtney Crossfield, Yoga Teacher + Soul Worker + Wilderness Therapy Guide, @courtney.crossfield. As someone who has found healing in both yoga and nature, Courtney feels her purpose is to facilitate transformational experiences in the outdoors, connecting people to their inner being, their outer community, and the magical world around them.

    "I think the greatest lesson experience that Passion/Soulwork has taught me is that I am the one making the changes and shifts within myself, no one or thing outside of me can; I have the power to slowly move out of my samskaras, I can connect deep within myself to my heart and use my voice because I choose to."

+ Indiana

  • Indianapolis Lade Akande, Founder, theyogacounselor.com, lade@theyogacounselor.com. Lade is currently focusing on bringing yoga and wellness into schools.

    "SoulWork has empowered me to create a clear vision and mission for running a heart-based business"

  • Indianapolis Colleen Grady, http://mindbodycolleen.com/, mindbodycolleen@gmail.com. Colleen's lifestyle blog and yoga teaching style are created from the same intention of guiding seekers on an journey inward and outward.

    "Passion Yoga School was the upmost altering experience of my life. It was a flame that light the fire to path to personal development, yogic living, and conscious entrepreneurship."

  • Nashville Danielle Wolter Nolan, Creative Founder, https://dnkpresents.com/, https://www.soulfultrail.com , Danielle@dnkpresents.com. Danielle is an outdoor professional wilderness guide who utilizes nature to heal and empower individuals.

    "My training through Passion Yoga School (now SoulWork) not only taught me the deep philosophies of yoga but gave me the courage and strength to follow my personal life passion."

  • Westfield Esther Mead, Creative Founder, https://www.magickalpeace.com/, MagickalPeace@gmail.com. Esther's focus is on releasing stress and trauma in both adults and children.

    "The breath work, yoga, rituals, ceremony, and silence is all still part of my journey and practice; without learning this I could have never released and started the healing process."

+ Maryland

  • Silver Spring Amy Carrion, Yogi Trainer, c.ames0429@icloud.com. Amy's offering is to empower individuals into their most authentic self through the habit of diverse practices and talking about the love of food..

    "Passion gained me perspective, community and union to be woken by life and magic within."

+ Massachusetts

  • Boston Melanie McCarthy, Founder + Executive Director of Nosapo, www.nosapo.com, Melanie@Nosapo.org. Melanie began Nosapo, an NGO providing thoroughly human rights and educational resources, to empower those most at risk of harm and give them tools for independence and safety.

    "SoulWork teaches honesty and bravery - both are also paramount in the work of human rights and protection of others."

  • Boston Morgan Chase, Head Hippie at daisyface flow, LLC, https://daisyfaceflow.com/, @daisyfaceflow (IG DM), morgan@daisyfaceflow.com , 504-372-1093. Free-flowing, high-vibing, love-sharing teacher who's passion is to turn skeptics into yogi believers.

    "Our Business week during the 300 hour in Costa Rica has transformed my mindset in what I can achieve--it's limitless. Thank you Adi & staff at Finca Armonia for a transformational rebirth <3" data-preserve-html-node="true"

  • Maynard Veronica M. R-S , infinitelightsource@gmail.com. Veronica is passionate about conscious change and wellness.

    "These unique individuals are amazing and will change your life for the better."

+ Michigan

  • Detroit Jessica Mullins, Movement Meditation and SoulWork Circle Leader, https://flowgirljess.com/, hello@flowgirljess.com. Jessica's yoga classes and SoulWork Circles include free flow movement inspired by the elements, while rooted in a passion for spreading conscious awareness of everyday consumption and inclusivity in our communities.

    "Passion Yoga School and the SoulWork mission have aligned with my Soul's purpose on a cosmic level that I am forever grateful for, and I am excited to reflect the teachings back into my community. "

+ Nebraska

  • Omaha Christine Kramer, Women's Health Coach + RYT 500 Yoga Instructor, https://www.expandedseed.com/, expandedseed@gmail.com. Christine supports women in preparing their bodies for pregnancy, balancing hormones, releasing trauma, and using their menstrual cycle as a tool for their overall health.

    "Passion Yoga School transformed me and showed me a different way of moving and being in the world and allowed me the space to look at some things within me that needed to heal in order to be of service to others."

+ New Hampshire

  • Portsmouth Kate Manuell, RYT-500, Soulworker, http://threemoonsyoga.com/, kate@threemoonsyoga.com. Vibrational Heart - Based Yoga, Trauma Informed education for professionals, both one-on-one and group transformational yogic guidance, retreats and classes.

    "Studying through Passion Yoga has brought be the confidence to truly stand with my authentic nature. Being held in the dark depths of this work has shed light on every corner of myself. Soulwork and Trauma Informed Practice has become the catalyst for my evolution as a teacher."

+ New Jersey

  • Dunellen Shelly St.Hilaire, https://www.instagram.com/ssthilaire/, shellysthilaire@gmail.com. Soul Work Circle facilitator committed to sharing with and supporting woman and men in the process of healing from the inside out in order to reach our full potential.

    "Soul Work and the unity and acceptance found within our groups has taken my life to a deeper, more successful, loving and connected level. "

+ New Mexico

  • Albuquerque Andrea Varela, http://wisewombynrising.com/, wisewombynrising@gmail.com, instagram: @andreaelenaa_. Andrea focuses on embodied Yoga + transformational experience.

    "Passion Yoga changed my life for the better and truly allowed me to see what was holding me back from embodying my truest self; me."

+ New York

  • Buffalo Bianca Rodriguez, Soul Worker, Space Holder, Yoga Teacher, https://www.beautyonbeholder.com/, biarodriguez@beautyonbeholder.com. Bianca awakens the beauty within and guides you to stay connected with your true Self while healing through past and current trauma.

    "Passion/Soulwork not only changed my life but both have saved my life."

  • Greenport Rachel Gaudio, Yogini Rachel, http://under1oceanyoga.com/, under1oceanyoga@gmail.com. Private Yoga Instructor (E-RYT 200).

    "Passion/SoulWork brought me back home to myself."

+ Oregon

  • Portland Destiny Diane, http://deardestinydarling.com/, destiny@happydayjuiceco.com. Destiny focuses on healing the self through the body, our food, our relationships, and Mother herself.

    "The most awe-inspiring, world shaking transformational journey in the depths of the jungle, surrounded in sisterhood, that quite literally saved my life."

  • Portland Rayn McMahon, RaynsongBodywork.com, RaynsongBodywork@gmail.com. Rayn facilitates transformative experiences through movement, music and touch.

    "Being immersed in this system has brought me into alignment with my purpose and my passion."

+ South Carolina

  • Charleston Allison Forbes, Forbes Fitness, https://forbesfitnessretreats.com/, allison@forbesfitnessretreats.com. Allison trains one-on-one clients by challenging the body, mind, and spirit to bring balance into their daily routine.

    "Passion gave me the tools to go after a life where I am completely committed to fully loving myself."

  • Folly Beach AshleyAnne Brown, AshleyAnne.k.brown@gmail.com. AshleyAnne is connecting students to their Divine Feminine energy. She also does prenatal yoga, Women’s Gatherings, and energy inspired yoga practice.

    "Passion Yoga gave me the tools to step into my power and onto my path- I am forever grateful."

+ Washington

  • Bellingham Courtney Crossfield, Yoga Teacher + Soul Worker + Wilderness Therapy Guide, @courtney.crossfield. As someone who has found healing in both yoga and nature, Courtney feels her purpose is to facilitate transformational experiences in the outdoors, connecting people to their inner being, their outer community, and the magical world around them.

    "I think the greatest lesson experience that Passion/Soulwork has taught me is that I am the one making the changes and shifts within myself, no one or thing outside of me can; I have the power to slowly move out of my samskaras, I can connect deep within myself to my heart and use my voice because I choose to."



+ Brazil

  • Rio de Janeiro Ursula, u.radwanski@gmail.com. Ursula focuses on mindful & heartful hospitality.

    "An experience that brought me closer to myself"

+ Canada

  • Black Creek/North Island, BC Claire Donner, RYT-200 & RPYT, Simply Bee Doula, https://www.simplybeedoula.com/, claire.donner3@gmail.com. Claire is currently working as a certified holistic doula. Her goal is to be there and support you wherever you choose to birth. Being present and providing continuous physical and emotional support through various comfort measures, gentle guidance, encouragement and more, for the duration of labor, delivery and through the immediate postpartum period.

    "I felt open and empowered after leaving passion yoga. SoulWork to me means finding your light and finding your voice. Passion yoga helped me understand how to expand my light and trust in my voice, spreading teachings of love and togetherness throughout my community. I will do all that i can to spread my individual light so that in the future this world will glow together as one. I am eternally grateful."

  • Sherbrooke, QC Laurie Morelli-Valiquette, https://lauriemorelli.wixsite.com/samsarayoga, lmorellivaliquette@gmail.com. Laurie focuses on physiotherapy,women's health, women empowerment and yoga.

    "Amazing experience, life changing really."

  • Toronto, ON Sheila Stewart, RMT, RYT-500, http://www.sheilastewartrmt.com/, sheilastewart.rmt@gmail.com. Massage Therapy, Acpuncture and Therapeutic Yoga. Specializing in trauma recovery.

    "An incredible space to open, remember, and re-connect with the truth and love of the universe. These women are on a clear mission and I feel blessed to have been a small part of their work in this world. "

  • Victoria, BC Kathleen Nower, Life Coach, https://www.kathleennower.com/, kbnower@gmail.com. Kathleen is a life and mindset coach who works with women to increase confidence and self love.

    "Passion Yoga School taught me more than just yoga. I learned how to get to know myself, what kind of person I wanted to be and how to be of service to others. Passion taught me how to lead with love and how to truly connect with myself and other people."

+ Costa Rica

  • Puerto Viejo Mery Cecchi, Ocean Spa, +506 8505-0393. A traveling Spa with professional therapists. Flowing together towards wellness.
  • Puerto Viejo Jocelyn Jaye, Founder of The Naked Caribbean, https://www.thenakedcaribbean.com/, info@thenakedcaribbean.com. Retreat + Travel Curation in the Caribbean. Jocelyn helps leaders in their community create retreats & special experiences on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

    "I attended the SoulWork Summit and it completely re-ignited all of the passion within me to truly follow through with what I want to create during this lifetime."

+ Germany

  • Kiel Marie Tebel, tebelmarie@gmail.com. Marie did her 200H YTT certification through Passion Yoga School.

+ Luxembourg

  • Luxembourg Sarah Ketema, Creator of Pop Up Yoga Luxembourg, https://sarahketema.com/. Sarah's goal is to inspire greater mind, body and spirit awareness in providing affordable and accessible yoga.

    "A place to ingrain tools on how to best support the self and others in journeys toward healing."

+ The Netherlands

  • The Hague Anika F Severns, https://anikafseverns.com, aseverns@hotmail.com. Anika leads people through tunnels of self doubt into healthier relationship patterns.

+ Peru

  • Lima Jana Rodriguez, Founder of Transversal Travel, [www.fb.com/TransversalTravel][2], transversaltravel@gmail.com. Jana focuses on Wellness tourism around Peru and South America through Yoga Retreats and Group and Tailor-Made travels.

    "Passion built a safe space for me and my sisters where we could relate with each other with fearless authenticity, embracing and celebrating all our talents, knowing that there is space for everyone and that we are not in a competition."

+ South Africa

  • Cape Town, Western Cape Jada Nokuphiwo, nokuphiwo@gmail.com. Jada is a facilitator yoga teacher and a community worker.

    "I learnt a lot about myself to an extent that self care has become part of my life since then."

+ Spain

  • Madrid Karma Marin Perpinya, kperpinya@gmail.com. Flight attendant and yoga teacher, Karma is spreading the light, learning with love.

    "At passion school I learned to get in touch with my inner light and strength 🙏"

+ United Kingdom

  • Stafford Grace Moore, https://www.gracemooreyoga.com/, info@gracemooreyoga.com. Grace is inspired to touch and change lives. Delivering yoga and meditation practices to help people embody their true power and strength, acknowledge their own worth and live a life of purpose. She is also qualified to teach yoga to elite athletes and sportspeople to enhance their sporting performance (both physical, emotional and mental).

    "Haven’t done any training with SoulWork yet (going to the Trauma Informed TT in Nov!). But the support I have received so far has been incredible, I already feel like I know everybody and feel so welcome as part of the SoulWork team."



SoulWork™ Scope of Practice

Note that SoulWork™ offers PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT INTENSIVES and NOT personal therapy intensives or detoxification programs from recreational or pharmaceutical drugs.

Most of our faculty members are not trained psychiatrist and do not carry clinical backgrounds in PTSD, addiction or other mental health concerns. If you have a history of PTSD or drug use, it is important that you arrive to our program in a stable state with the intention of using the practices of yoga for self regulation and personal spiritual growth.  

We offer professional development intensives designed to teach you the practices of yoga to confidently support yourself and your students through life's challenges. You will spend a lot of time in silence, in nature, in meditation and with the practices of yoga. You will be invited to lean on these tools to support you through emotional + mental turbulence that inevitably surfaces as we slow down with the deep intention to uncover and heal our inner life. It will likely be challenging at times, and we have held hundreds of students through this deep internal process.

However, not all students are within the professional scope of what we can support as experienced yoga + holistic self development professionals. If you are seeking more personalized therapeutic support, we do recommend that you search elsewhere for your training program.