trauma informed yoga teacher training

Trauma: A Free MasterClass for Yoga Teachers + Holistic Wellness Practitioners

Be a facilitator with integrity. Learn about trauma theory and how to adjust your teachings via a trauma informed lense. Eleanor talks about what happens to the system during trauma, why it is important to balance the nervous system, and we introduce you to alternative education opportunities to fine tune your skills as a Trauma Informed Facilitator.

Eleanor is known for creating sacred space, powerful facilitation, and weaving self growth inquiry into all that she does.

Her extensive academic education in psychology and experience as a Board Certified Structural Integrator were ignited by an earnest desire to understand the body/mind continuum and self.

A radical visionary and conscious entrepreneur, she is the Executive Director of BodyWise Institute. Eleanor also founded a nonprofit and sister organization, BodyWise Foundation, dedicated to serving trauma recovery, training, and education.


    Trauma Expert: advancing trauma research and therapies. Offers trainings, and individual sessions. Dedicated to ending human suffering.


    Dedicated to Trauma Recovery Through the Body


    Education Through the Body

Healing Trauma in the Nervous System with Eleanor Bramwell

A healthy nervous system is the foundation for a peaceful inner life. Understand the nervous system, how it works, and what we can do to release trauma in our bodies restore balance in our inner life.