restorative yoga immersion

The Body as a Pathway to God - The Orgasm as Medicine

The body is the portal to deeper layers of understanding. Rather than focusing on transcending the body for the sake of spiritual awakening, let’s explore how the body itself can bring us into the God experience.

Connecting women with the power of their inner intelligence and guidance is at the core of Usha’s offerings. Drawing upon her education as a Western holistic nutritionist, Usha encourages self inquiry and exploration as she takes her students on a journey of the body.

She believes wholeheartedly in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and facilitates space for students to connect with their own unique rhythm. She believes that developing a deeper relationship and understanding of the body is essential in supporting each person to come to their own definition of health.  Usha combines her Western knowledge with Eastern inspiration passed on by her teacher, Yogrishi Vishveketu to offer classes that nourish the soul at every level.

The Journey from Alcohol + Drug Addiction to Conscious Entrepreneurship with Morgan Chase

Addiction and Recovery is a sacred process of moving through fear, pain,  and deeply engrained patterns. Learn how yoga was the path for Morgan to move from addiction to creating a business that empowers herself and others.

Orgasm as a Path to Spiritual Awakening with Usha Anandi

Orgasm as a tool for spiritual growth? Learn how our bodies can be a portal for connecting more completely with our own personal power and with God.

Radical Freedom in Life and Business with Loren Lotus

Creating a global lifestyle of freedom, play, and work is constant flow of working through fear and staying grounded in the home of the heart. Hear Loren’s story of breaking free of a life that didn’t work for her anymore and the challenges she faces on the road.

Healing Trauma in the Nervous System with Eleanor Bramwell

A healthy nervous system is the foundation for a peaceful inner life. Understand the nervous system, how it works, and what we can do to release trauma in our bodies restore balance in our inner life.

Exploring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Sierra Frost

A holistic perspective on how to work with PTSD. Learn what it is, how we can support ourselves and those we love that may experience the symptoms of this common internal disturbance.

Emotional Release Through Conscious Communication with Ivanna Bilak

Communication can be a path to more intimacy and getting our needs met in our relationships. Learn strategies for sharing your inner life and bringing in more of what you want into your life.

Use Your Breath to Unlock Your Emotions with Michelle D'Avella

Learn how the breath has the power to move us through difficult emotions and experiences.

Meditation and Harnessing Your Darkness with Suzanne Heyn

Discover shadow work and meditation as tools for beinging more freedom into your life.

Hormone Balance in the Lunar Cycle with Allie McFee

Dive into the feminine monthly hormonal cycle and uncover ways that you can support yourself or loved ones naturally as we move through these beautiful but sometimes challenging cycles internally.

The Wisdom of Ayahuasca with Carlos Duran

Uncover the wisdom of ayahuasca through a practical yet mystical conversation on what it is and how the plant medicine can support us in the journey to healing.

An Introduction to Osteopathic Medicine with Dr. William Starsiak

Gain an understanding of the basic principles of osteopathy and how this holistic technique can support you in pain management and mind, body, spirit integration.

Emotional Freedom through Somatic Experiencing with Nina Goradia

An exploration of the primal wisdom of the nervous system, emotional body, and how somatic experiencing can support us in restoring embodied harmony in our inner life.