international yoga

How to become an International Yoga Teacher. The sexy, the muddy, the truth from the experts.

Listen to Erica Hartnick, co-founder of the international yoga teacher opportunity platform Yoga Trade, and Adi Shakti talk about how to start or grow your career as an international yoga instructor.

Erica Hartnick grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, and enjoys all things wild and free. She is grateful to have the opportunity to live a life of exploration. She teaches nature inspired yoga and leads mindful adventures in California and Costa Rica. She gets excited about: LEARNING, glassy ocean peaks, pillows of fresh powder snow, crystal clear water, positive people, cultural travel, thriving vegetable gardens, fresh mint chip ice cream, nature’s glory, and LIVING YOGA. She is passionate about the collaboration with friends that led to the creation of Yoga Trade, and is devoted to connecting the yoga community with infinite opportunities.