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Sensual Embodiment with Menstrual Cycle Rituals

Explore rituals for harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle in your life and business.

Allie McFee is a Women’s Health Educator, Hormone Balancing Chef, Red Tent Facilitator, Tantrika and owner of the hormone health cooking blog: Modern Goddess Lifestyle. She helps women balance their hormones naturally through nutritious recipes, exquisite self-care rituals, and divine feminine empowerment in her online programs, cooking classes, retreats and 1:1 coaching. She is exquisitely in the process of birthing a cookbook on women’s hormone health. She also facilitates Womb Clearing practices to help women honor their “sacred no,” by creating boundaries, releasing emotional repression, and radically loving their bodies and sexuality. For more information, recipes + online classes, visit www.ModernGoddessLifestyle.com and follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @moderngoddesslifestyle.

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