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The Deeper Layers of Yin Yoga with Carole Westerman

Explore a deeper understanding of the physical, emotional, and mental benefits of the Yin practice.

Educate yourself on the Yin practice with Glo teacher and owner of Evolve to Harmony in Omaha, Carole Westerman.

Carole Westerman's mission is to bring yoga to everyone! Carole is a certified Childbirth Educator, has experience attending births as a Doula, and has a Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Psychology.

Carole is the Director of Teacher Training programs at Evolve to Harmony, her studio in Omaha. She is on the Teacher Training faculty of several yoga schools, as well as being on the faculty of Glo and 90 Monkeys, and travels to teach nationally and internationally. She has created her own curriculums for 500-Hour, 200-Hour, Yin, Restorative, and Prenatal programs that she has taught in numerous locales nationally. Carole is a mother to three daughters, and has worked many years in the fields of children and family services.

Getting Vulnerable AF with Veronica Kaulinis

How vulnerability can be the tool to hushing the inner critic.

Veronica Kaulinis is a Success Coach & Community Strategist living in Brooklyn, New York.

She specializes in helping working professionals master and cultivate a new relationship with their inner-dialogue so they can step out of self-sabotage and step into success. Her mission is to inspire others to step into their greatness and to mobilize the next generation of thought leaders and change makers.

Most people don't know how to turn the "inner-critic" off so they can actually hear what their heart is telling them to do. Veronica teaches her clients various strategies on how to quiet the negative self-talk, identify the mindset and logistical blocks that have been standing in the way of taking action, both  professionally and personally, so that they can achieve at their highest potential

Eating Disorders & Self Love vs the Inflated Ego with Bridget Lavin

Eating Disorders. Self love. Self Worth.

And what it means to dissolve the ego while building the confidence we need for radical self acceptance.

About Bridget Lavin:

I began my transformative journey with yoga 17 years ago as a young girl. At the time I had no idea how much yoga would impact and shape my life. It wasn’t until my early 20s that I began to wake up to the wisdom of yoga. The practice brought me so much relief, joy, freedom, and deep peace that I felt compelled to dive deeper into its ancient teachings. I adventured to an ashram called Shoshoni Yoga Retreat Center where I received my 200HR certification. After a handful of years teaching I opened Lighthouse Yoga with the hopes of offering others the chance to experience the gifts and magic of yoga. I firmly believe as one person heals, the world heals, as one person wakes up, the world begins to stir.

Sensual Embodiment with Menstrual Cycle Rituals

Explore rituals for harnessing the power of your menstrual cycle in your life and business.

Allie McFee is a Women’s Health Educator, Hormone Balancing Chef, Red Tent Facilitator, Tantrika and owner of the hormone health cooking blog: Modern Goddess Lifestyle. She helps women balance their hormones naturally through nutritious recipes, exquisite self-care rituals, and divine feminine empowerment in her online programs, cooking classes, retreats and 1:1 coaching. She is exquisitely in the process of birthing a cookbook on women’s hormone health. She also facilitates Womb Clearing practices to help women honor their “sacred no,” by creating boundaries, releasing emotional repression, and radically loving their bodies and sexuality. For more information, recipes + online classes, visit and follow her on Instagram and Facebook at @moderngoddesslifestyle.

Facebook: @moderngoddesslifestyle

Instagram: @moderngoddesslifestyle


Free Womb Clearing Manual: Free Gift

To be or not to be PREGNANT. Natural Birth Control

Learn natural methods for contraception or how to use your cycle to achieve pregnancy.

Brittney is a Sacred Sexual Wellness coach. She started her company, Sex With Bliss, to teach inclusive, pleasure-based, tantric, and holistic sexual health education. Brittney invites you to experience more epic sex, ecstatic pleasure, and divine love. She is passionate about awakening, healing, and remembering the sacred feminine and masculine within each of us. She is devoted to revolutionizing the way our society views and connects with the most powerful, sacred energy in our beings, our creative, life force, sexual energy.

Brittney hosts international workshops, online courses, ceremonies, gatherings, and retreats on sacred sexual wellness, womb wisdom, orgasmic living, menstrual cycles, yoni eggs, sex magic, ecstatic dance, plant medicine, and wilderness therapy.  

She believes in the power of connecting with nature, to remember our true nature, and to live in harmony with Mama Earth. Brittney mixes the best of all worlds to create wholistic mind, body, and soul transformational experiences all over the world.

For the past 7 years, Brittney has been traveling and working around the world. So far, some of her unique experiences include studying yoga, tantra, and permaculture, living in ashrams, teaching English to monks, volunteering with sex trafficking survivors, trekking through the Amazon Rainforest, climbing mountains on 4 continents, and living in the wild for over 9 months.

How to become an International Yoga Teacher. The sexy, the muddy, the truth from the experts.

Listen to Erica Hartnick, co-founder of the international yoga teacher opportunity platform Yoga Trade, and Adi Shakti talk about how to start or grow your career as an international yoga instructor.

Erica Hartnick grew up in the Sierra Nevada foothills of California, and enjoys all things wild and free. She is grateful to have the opportunity to live a life of exploration. She teaches nature inspired yoga and leads mindful adventures in California and Costa Rica. She gets excited about: LEARNING, glassy ocean peaks, pillows of fresh powder snow, crystal clear water, positive people, cultural travel, thriving vegetable gardens, fresh mint chip ice cream, nature’s glory, and LIVING YOGA. She is passionate about the collaboration with friends that led to the creation of Yoga Trade, and is devoted to connecting the yoga community with infinite opportunities.

Channeling Anger for Creation

Let’s talk the spirituality of RAGE. How do we USE that energy to be of service? There is a lot of programming in our society that tells us we can't be exactly who we are or show our true emotions. They tell us they're "unprofessional" and "distracting". They tell us we're "too much" and simultaneously tell us we're "not enough". I'm here not just to tell you but to show you that you CAN be exactly who you are and have exactly what you want, and that your emotions hold important and beautiful  messages for you and your life.

Are you angry? Bring it. Sad? Brilliant. Afraid? You're not alone. Bursting with joy? Let's celebrate. Holding anything back? Let it out. Feeling sexy AF? Own it. I want to see and hold ALL of what you bring to the table--nothing is shameful or wrong.

I created transformational photography to be an experience that lets you witness unseen parts of yourself and see yourself in your authentic, powerful truth. You can truly see with tangible, photographic evidence the totality of your human expression and process as you go deep, burn away that which is not you, and step from the ash into the next empowered version of yourself. We will rise and move forward together.

Heather is a transformational photographer, writer, and visionary currently based in New York who is passionate about holding space, bringing beauty and artistry to intense emotion, and creating space for deep personal and global transformation. She moved across the country from California to follow the call of her heart and dove into communities built on relational practices like Circling, Authentic Relating, Ecstatic Dance, and Polarity that have helped shape her life and photographic process. Heather has facilitated powerful transformations and led workshops at multiple women's retreats, and is currently writing a book about the important part rage has to play in our lives and how it affects relationships across the board.

Grief as a Pathway to Personal Transformation

I don't know if I have experienced anything more painful than sitting by the bedside of someone I love, as they slowly lose their life.

To watch them lose their mind and then their body. If it happens quickly, or if it happens slowly. It cuts us to our core.

Every grief has a different flavor. I have experienced anger after suicide. Rage after doctor neglect. Confusion after watching a tiny casket be lowered into the Earth. Happiness and relief as the silence finally fell.

Death. A great teacher. I have cursed God. Prayed to God. Fought with God. Rejected God. Felt held by God. All in death.

It bring us to or away from God. But we come to our morality - and there is a spiritual element to the passing of a loved one that is undeniable.

And we can repress - and spiral into drugs, avoidance, and depression Or, we can rise - and really go deeper into what it means to live in a fuller way - more connected to Spirit, and our core. Or, (which is my experience) - a confusing dance of the two.

We are talking about how grief can be a spiritual tool for transformation.

Aris’ yoga journey has been one of deep transformation and healing.  Yoga has empowered her through some of the hardest moments in her life and created a deep understanding of the impact yoga can have in the healing processes. Because of this her teachings often have a trauma informed and therapeutic approach in conjunction with the traditional Akanda Shakti teachings.

As the 2018 Yoga Journal Ambassador, Aris traveled to document the impact of yoga. Throughout this journey she was able to witness the profound effects of yoga in various communities from studios, to the Pentagon, prison programs, and the implementation in communities exposed to critical life circumstances.  She was able to partake in conversations surrounding important and often hard to discuss topics. Through this she realized a deeper calling from the yoga community. She believes that yoga taken off the mat and used in society is a key for understanding, healing, and building a more united future.

Aris is passionate about using yoga to not only bring balance and unity to our personal lives but to our communities. She excited to share this passion and empower others through SoulWork Events and online courses.

Empowerment Through Pleasure

Your sexual transformation begins here. To move us as a culture and society from the guilt and shame many of us carry about our very own bodies, to the freedom of truly occupying who we are. Divine sexual beings.Sexual energy is the reason we are born. Lack of sexual energy is the reason we die. The secret of our health - physical, emotional and spiritual - lies in our sexual energy. Through bold and down to earth sexual education I encourage and celebrate with you that the cultivation of your sexual energy is truly your life force. It is your sexual vitality . Sexual self esteem is key to sexual empowerment.

Melissa knows that pleasure is not an option, it is actually a birthright.

And not only is it our birthright as an individual to know, have and work from pleasure, it is an integral part of our emotional, physical and mental health.

Melissa delivers bold, down to earth sexual education to both Women & Men supporting them to transform their lives through their sexuality , their orgasm and their pleasure. So that we as a collective, a culture and a society have the opportunity to move from the guilt and shame many of us carry around our very own bodies, to the freedom of truly occupying who we are.

Divine sexual beings.

The Body as a Pathway to God - The Orgasm as Medicine

The body is the portal to deeper layers of understanding. Rather than focusing on transcending the body for the sake of spiritual awakening, let’s explore how the body itself can bring us into the God experience.

Connecting women with the power of their inner intelligence and guidance is at the core of Usha’s offerings. Drawing upon her education as a Western holistic nutritionist, Usha encourages self inquiry and exploration as she takes her students on a journey of the body.

She believes wholeheartedly in the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and facilitates space for students to connect with their own unique rhythm. She believes that developing a deeper relationship and understanding of the body is essential in supporting each person to come to their own definition of health.  Usha combines her Western knowledge with Eastern inspiration passed on by her teacher, Yogrishi Vishveketu to offer classes that nourish the soul at every level.

The Journey from Alcohol + Drug Addiction to Conscious Entrepreneurship with Morgan Chase

Addiction and Recovery is a sacred process of moving through fear, pain,  and deeply engrained patterns. Learn how yoga was the path for Morgan to move from addiction to creating a business that empowers herself and others.

Orgasm as a Path to Spiritual Awakening with Usha Anandi

Orgasm as a tool for spiritual growth? Learn how our bodies can be a portal for connecting more completely with our own personal power and with God.

Radical Freedom in Life and Business with Loren Lotus

Creating a global lifestyle of freedom, play, and work is constant flow of working through fear and staying grounded in the home of the heart. Hear Loren’s story of breaking free of a life that didn’t work for her anymore and the challenges she faces on the road.

Healing Trauma in the Nervous System with Eleanor Bramwell

A healthy nervous system is the foundation for a peaceful inner life. Understand the nervous system, how it works, and what we can do to release trauma in our bodies restore balance in our inner life.

Exploring Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with Sierra Frost

A holistic perspective on how to work with PTSD. Learn what it is, how we can support ourselves and those we love that may experience the symptoms of this common internal disturbance.

Emotional Release Through Conscious Communication with Ivanna Bilak

Communication can be a path to more intimacy and getting our needs met in our relationships. Learn strategies for sharing your inner life and bringing in more of what you want into your life.

Use Your Breath to Unlock Your Emotions with Michelle D'Avella

Learn how the breath has the power to move us through difficult emotions and experiences.

Meditation and Harnessing Your Darkness with Suzanne Heyn

Discover shadow work and meditation as tools for beinging more freedom into your life.

Hormone Balance in the Lunar Cycle with Allie McFee

Dive into the feminine monthly hormonal cycle and uncover ways that you can support yourself or loved ones naturally as we move through these beautiful but sometimes challenging cycles internally.

The Wisdom of Ayahuasca with Carlos Duran

Uncover the wisdom of ayahuasca through a practical yet mystical conversation on what it is and how the plant medicine can support us in the journey to healing.