breast cancer

Fighting For Our Tits: confronting Breast Cancer with Lola Scarborough

How is it that we can avoid or heal from the emotional wounds of breast cancer from a spiritual perspective?

Lola Scarborough is a 500-HR certified yoga teacher and a co-owner and Managing Director of Yoga Lola Studios. She is a certified life coach, an Ayurvedic nutrition coach, an herbalist, a certified Ayurvedic Practitioner, a certified Level III Reiki master, and a novice astrologer. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D in Comparative Religion.

Lola has a long history as a writer, teacher, and project manager in the business world. She authors/has authored articles, and films videos related to yoga, health, and healing. Her most recent work, Fighting For Our Tits, shares information and research shown to help women avoid breast cancer. She is currently one of the lead authors in an upcoming book The World's Most Amazing Women, due to be published in December 2019.

Lola has witnessed what yoga, breathing exercises and other aspects of yogic practice, along with energy bodywork and nutrition, can do to maximize/restore health and allow people to live fully and richly in their lives.  She does what she loves and loves what she does.