aris seaberg

Grief as a Pathway to Personal Transformation

I don't know if I have experienced anything more painful than sitting by the bedside of someone I love, as they slowly lose their life.

To watch them lose their mind and then their body. If it happens quickly, or if it happens slowly. It cuts us to our core.

Every grief has a different flavor. I have experienced anger after suicide. Rage after doctor neglect. Confusion after watching a tiny casket be lowered into the Earth. Happiness and relief as the silence finally fell.

Death. A great teacher. I have cursed God. Prayed to God. Fought with God. Rejected God. Felt held by God. All in death.

It bring us to or away from God. But we come to our morality - and there is a spiritual element to the passing of a loved one that is undeniable.

And we can repress - and spiral into drugs, avoidance, and depression Or, we can rise - and really go deeper into what it means to live in a fuller way - more connected to Spirit, and our core. Or, (which is my experience) - a confusing dance of the two.

We are talking about how grief can be a spiritual tool for transformation.

Aris’ yoga journey has been one of deep transformation and healing.  Yoga has empowered her through some of the hardest moments in her life and created a deep understanding of the impact yoga can have in the healing processes. Because of this her teachings often have a trauma informed and therapeutic approach in conjunction with the traditional Akanda Shakti teachings.

As the 2018 Yoga Journal Ambassador, Aris traveled to document the impact of yoga. Throughout this journey she was able to witness the profound effects of yoga in various communities from studios, to the Pentagon, prison programs, and the implementation in communities exposed to critical life circumstances.  She was able to partake in conversations surrounding important and often hard to discuss topics. Through this she realized a deeper calling from the yoga community. She believes that yoga taken off the mat and used in society is a key for understanding, healing, and building a more united future.

Aris is passionate about using yoga to not only bring balance and unity to our personal lives but to our communities. She excited to share this passion and empower others through SoulWork Events and online courses.