Channeling Anger for Creation

Let’s talk the spirituality of RAGE. How do we USE that energy to be of service? There is a lot of programming in our society that tells us we can't be exactly who we are or show our true emotions. They tell us they're "unprofessional" and "distracting". They tell us we're "too much" and simultaneously tell us we're "not enough". I'm here not just to tell you but to show you that you CAN be exactly who you are and have exactly what you want, and that your emotions hold important and beautiful  messages for you and your life.

Are you angry? Bring it. Sad? Brilliant. Afraid? You're not alone. Bursting with joy? Let's celebrate. Holding anything back? Let it out. Feeling sexy AF? Own it. I want to see and hold ALL of what you bring to the table--nothing is shameful or wrong.

I created transformational photography to be an experience that lets you witness unseen parts of yourself and see yourself in your authentic, powerful truth. You can truly see with tangible, photographic evidence the totality of your human expression and process as you go deep, burn away that which is not you, and step from the ash into the next empowered version of yourself. We will rise and move forward together.

Heather is a transformational photographer, writer, and visionary currently based in New York who is passionate about holding space, bringing beauty and artistry to intense emotion, and creating space for deep personal and global transformation. She moved across the country from California to follow the call of her heart and dove into communities built on relational practices like Circling, Authentic Relating, Ecstatic Dance, and Polarity that have helped shape her life and photographic process. Heather has facilitated powerful transformations and led workshops at multiple women's retreats, and is currently writing a book about the important part rage has to play in our lives and how it affects relationships across the board.