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Personalize your SoulWork™ to fit your goals

The highly anticipated SoulWork™ Academy Online is unique among online academies, offering unparalleled customization opportunities for tracks of study, holistic wellness specialization for conscious entrepreneurs, live SoulWork™ support, personalized career coaching, and opportunities to study live globally with Members Only scholarship opportunities.

With different educational focus areas and our signature integrated SoulWork™ Method, our innovative Online Curriculum enables you to:

  • Build a strong foundation of the yogic teachings + tools for personal development

  • Gain deep specialization in areas of philosophy, lifestyle, yogic anatomy, postures, and conscious business—the Online equivalent of Yoga Teacher Training

  • Customize your study plan to achieve your unique goals along the spectrum of deep spiritual inquiry to empowered social leadership

  • Connect with Adi Shakti + your fellow peers through online seminars and support sessions

You’ll optimize your personal SoulWork™ and professional development with real-world teachings. From having an incredible foundation in the yogic practices to learning the art of conscious business with Adi Shakti. You will also have the opportunity to connect with Adi via live support calls to support you in charting your path, finding your best opportunities for moving forward in your career + SoulWork™.

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Commit to your SoulWork™, with support

+ Enrollment Deadline

We are currently in Open Enrollment for the SoulWork™ Academy Online. However, the current promotional tuition window will close soon. We recommend you enroll today if you are wanting to ensure lifetime access to the current monthly tuition rate.

+ Tuition

Current tuition is $9 a month. When you enroll, you are guaranteed this price for the years to come as we continue to develop + add to the program.

+ Curriculum

We currently have 5 Educational Focus Areas, and more will be added with our commitment to consistently providing new, fresh, + inspiring content + education. The current focus areas are:

  • Conscious Business + Social Activism
  • Ethics, Philosophy + Yogic Anatomy
  • Posture Clinic
  • Deepening Your Personal Practice
  • Teacher Resources

+ Who is Adi Shakti?

Adi Shakti is the founder of SoulWork™, lead educator of the SoulWork™ Academy Online, and has trained hundreds of yoga teachers in the 200 hour, 300 hour. Pre-Natal, and Trauma Informed professional focus areas. She is a co-creator of the SoulWork™ Jungle Ashram, a conscious living center + experimental permaculture project + ashram in the Southern Caribbean of Costa Rica. She is also the Executive Director of Shakti Seva Inc, a non-profit organization focusing on uplifting the local indigineous community near where she lives in Costa Rica. She has the blessing of her teacher, Yogrishi Vishvketu to offer the teachings.

+ Class Profile / Who Enrolls?

The SoulWork™ Academy Online serves 3 groups:

  • Holistic Wellness Professionals + Yoga Teahcers who are already offering and want to fine tune their skills + grow their conscious businesses
  • Seekers who are passionate about the alternative healing arts and do NOT plan to teach or own their own businesses, but are looking for Teacher Training quality education without the price tag
  • Seekers who plan to study, teach, or build conscious businesses in the future **and are currently seeking to prepare themselves for upcoming study (ideally with SoulWork™!)

+ Course Materials

To get the full benefit of the SoulWork™ Online Academy, we recommend that you have:

  • Access to a computer
  • Access to internet so that you can stream the videos + attend support calls
  • A notebook dedicated to your SoulWork™ Method study and process

+ Member Benefits

As a member of the SoulWork™ Academy Online, you also get:

  • Full access + membership to Selva Fitness Online - with full length yoga classes, workout videos, and education in loving your body even more fully. Hundreds of videos of education.
  • Access to member exclusive Online Courses + access to the ongoing content and support being developed daily by Adi Shakti + the SoulWork™ team
  • Member exclusive discounts to SoulWork™ Professional Development Trainings + Retreats around the world

+ Why so Affordable?

Our global trainings + retreats are thousands of dollars. This isn't accessible to everyone, and we wanted to platform and tool where we can support previous students with continued education as well as serve the wider Holistic community with a REVOLUTIONARILY affordable platform of quality education.

Also know that the current rate is temporary, and that we will be increasing the membership fee soon. However, if you enroll now - your tuition stays the same for life!

+ How does it work?

Click ENROLL NOW to sign up. You will then create a log in / password and choose your payment method. From there, you will receive access to the SoulWork™ Academy Online Portal. Make sure to save your log in and password!

It is a super easy to use membership website where you can search for lectures based on your desired Educational Focus Area. You select what you want to learn, and the video lectures populate to support you.

You will also receive email updates inviting you to Live Support Calls + Seminars and offering you Member Exclusive Discounts on SoulWork™ Professional Development Trainings + Retreats around the world.

You will also be able to access the Selva Fitness Online Portal - where you can collect type of training (including full length yoga classes), focus area, and time length of the workouts.